Matching Expectations

The Long Wait for Intimacy

There are some younger singles opting for the old-fashioned notion of waiting until they are married or in a long term relationship before they are physically intimate with their partner. It might serve them well in their search for a truly committed partner, but the feelings and needs of that person might not be quite so willing to give up an activity they love. For the person with a partner insistent on a commitment, the long wait for intimacy can be trying. Some of them might feel it is worthwhile for them, but others could choose to pursue alternatives that will keep them happy until the wedding night.

The Pursuit of Exercise

There are many people who have long believed that no one will have any sexual desire if they are willing to exercise enough, so there should be little wonder that a person foregoing the physical part of a relationship might consider joining the local gym. They might see it as a great way to get in shape, or it could become their main distraction as the relationship progresses. For those who are dating someone that is abstinent, it could almost become a career.

Transferring Attention

Distraction has long been a good way to avoid thinking about something, but it is not always a good way to combat physical feelings. Pain is often mentioned in these cases, but being sexually aroused is also a physical feeling that is difficult to combat for many people. One of the best ways to get past it when dating a partner practicing abstinence is to transfer attention to something that will occupy the mind. Solving complex puzzles and working on mathematical problems can be a good solution for those who need to refocus their mental energies. It will help them stop the physical yearnings from starting, and it might also lead them into a new hobby or career path.

Alternative Relief

Life is full of options for those who are willing to seek them out, and alternative relief is available online for a modern person in this type of relationship. They can go to VIP, a dating agency where they will be able to find fun dates that offer physical intimacy only with no relationship. It might not be the ultimate solution to their needs, but it could be a way to help them remain with their current partner. It would be a temporary solution to a continuing issue for some, but seeing strangers could also help them reaffirm their pledge to wait until their partner is ready for commitment.

Modern life has many variations, and being in any type of relationship seems to have endless ways to confound modern couples. For those looking to revive old-fashioned traditions, abstinence before marriage or commitment has made a comeback in some areas. While it might be the best option for the partner practicing it, it can be difficult for the person they are with to join in their commitment. There are some good ways to relief the physical needs that come with this type of situation, and many of them are easily available to those seeking them.